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Who We Are

We’re a specialist learning agency within AMICULUM® dedicated to optimizing the capabilities and performance of global healthcare audiences. We partner with leading pharmaceutical companies and healthcare associations to develop inspirational learning that makes a difference.

Our team is a unique mix of scientists, teachers, developers, creatives and healthcare practitioners, all with a united passion for learning.

Whether you’re supporting teams through clinical development of a product or looking at customer engagement post-launch, we’re ready to start the journey when you are!

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What We Do

  • Strategy and learning design

    We’re all about...

    • Learning needs analysis
    • Action mapping
    • Concise, visual resources
    • Changing behaviour, not just knowledge
    • Improving performance
    • The right resources at the right time

    And not...

    • Pure content-focused courses
    • Next, next, next... (endless, uninspiring slides)
    • Shoehorning in information ‘just in case’ it might be useful
  • Multidevice learning

    Whether learning is in the office, at home or out on the go, we’ve got it covered!

    Our writers and technologists work together in tightly knit teams to develop outstanding content for the learner in the optimal format, whatever that might be!

  • Virtual events

    We pride ourselves on making each virtual event a positive and productive experience – and one you’ll want to repeat regularly (that’s no mean feat!).

    Our original recipe for success:

    • Design the right meeting format
    • Prepare content carefully
    • Harness the latest web conference technologies
    • Provide live technical support
    • Insert the right amount of interactivity
    • Undisclosed secret stuff
  • Instructor-led packages

    The mission here is very simple – make the experience for the facilitator and audience as memorable and fulfilling as possible.

    Our expert-led training packages consist of beautifully presented, impactful materials with comprehensive facilitator notes and a generous sprinkling of well-structured, interactive exercises.

  • Medical content development

    This is the foundation of our learning content – the highest-quality medical writing by our talented medical instructional designers.*

    It might be assumed, but it’s certainly worth reinforcing, that our medical writing expertise underpins the success of our projects.

    From a simple printed factsheet to a full-scale digital training programme, we use the same rigorous approach combining scientific relevance and accuracy with outstanding instructional design practice. Every time.

    *Noun: medical writer expertly trained in instructional design; origin: 2010s, Delta Kn.
  • Point-of-need resources

    AKA ‘just-in-time’ or ‘on-the-job’ resources

    The timing of learning is crucial. Some learning is more appropriate, and more effective, at the ‘point of need’ – learners tap into information when they need it, whether it’s to solve a problem, perform a specific task or quickly update their skills.

    We’re hot on conserving brain power, minimizing burn rate and maximizing learning efficiency – that means differentiating between core learning materials and supporting resources.

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Happy clients in diverse therapy areas: we strive for excellence and aim to delight our clients by meeting or exceeding their expectations in terms of both content and creative learning approaches. We start our projects with a sense of adventure – every assignment brings a fresh set of challenges and an opportunity to create an outstanding learning experience.


... Thanks for sending over. Wow it’s come out so nicely. I really liked how the patient videos turned out. They add tremendous perspective to the patient’s journey.


Hi Clare and team, first of all, the module looks fantastic! I’m so happy with how it turned out and I love the voiceover – thanks for suggesting him!

Respiratory medicine
Respiratory medicine

We are DELIGHTED with the website, you have done such a fantastic job – exceeded all expectations (and that’s tough with your standard!).


... You and your team are so amazing! Thank you so much for all your great effort! Be sure that this module will be very helpful for all of us and all LATAM countries! I’ll review it, but I’m sure that it surely will be excellent!!


... I have just reviewed this module and just wanted to say, this is an example where an agency gets it right. The reference package is excellent (clearly marked up for each slide). They have really done a great job with this.

Infectious diseases
Infectious diseases

... We can’t wait to see the modules in final format on Monday. We have all our signatories waiting to sign them off... Very exciting, you and the team have been amazing!

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Where We Are

The Delta Kn team is located in the USA, Asia and Europe, and in partnership with our wider AMICULUM colleagues, we can provide support across the world.

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Our Team Expertise

We’re a fun and friendly mix of specialisms. If you’re just as passionate about creating great learning as we are, whatever your background, take a look at our specialist roles and get in touch if you think one of these could be you!

Learning strategy

Key responsibilities:
Driving force behind delivering strategically relevant learning programmes

Individual attributes:
Results driven, inquisitive, always striving for more

Client service and project management

Key responsibilities:
Building client relationships while spinning multiple project plates at once – and delivering them on time, on brief and on budget

Individual attributes:
Team player, multitasker, calm at all times

Instructional design and medical writing

Key responsibilities:
Creating scientifically driven learning experiences that stand out from the crowd across any format

Individual attributes:
Scientifically curious, creative, perfectionist

Face-to-face/classroom training and facilitation

Key responsibilities:
Designing and delivering innovative and active training sessions for all audiences

Individual attributes:
Poised presenter, charming challenger, credible expert

E-learning development and virtual event technical support

Key responsibilities:
Bringing to life our first-class content through a variety of authoring platforms and delivering engaging, memorable virtual meetings

Individual attributes:
Technical genius, patient perfectionist, calm under pressure

UX, animation and multimedia content development

Key responsibilities:
Bringing to life our scientific content in a format that meets every need – on the go, on your desktop, on your tablet

Individual attributes:
Creative curiosity, boundary stretcher, playful animator

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Join Us

We are always interested in talented individuals who are looking for a different type of agency career, one where creativity, dedication and either scientific or digital expertise are used to create stunning learning experiences. If you think you’ve got what it takes, why not send in your CV?

Check for vacancies: https://careers.amiculum.biz/

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Contact Us

If you’d like to find out more about anything you’ve seen on the Delta Kn website, or have a learning-related enquiry or just a great idea, send us an email: team@delta-kn.biz